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Week 8: Role of Plants

When you look at trees in parks or around busy cities, you focus on the aesthetic of it. How it brightens up your mood, how the smell of the trees opens up your airways, and how the green and colorful flowers break the visual block of the stone and brick buildings around you. What you DON’T think about, is the greater role of these plants.

Urban city planners intentionally include plants in their city plans for the following strategic reasons.

Ozone Layer

Week 7: Customizing with CRISPR

In the age where everyone is used to getting what they want whenever they want, we can’t be surprised that people are choosing to “play God” in different areas of their lives. You can customize your house, car, outfits, hair, and even body. For some people, that’s not quite enough. What if we were able to customize our own baby? You could choose what hair color, eye color, and potentially personality traits. This sounds crazy, right? Impossible. Never can be done in a million years!

Week 6: "May Your Search Through Nature Lead You to Yourself"

The idea of nature can take on so many different interpretations. As seen during our class last week, everyone has their own idea of what nature is. Some described scenic areas they’ve been to, others argued that anything disturbed by mankind is no longer nature. When I think of nature, I feel something different. I specifically use the word feel because nature affects all my senses. It’s hard to categorize these effects as external and internal, since I feel like they are so intertwined.

Week 4: Day in the Life of a Plastic-Using Foodie

Plastic has become a paradox in my life -  such a primary aspect bust also so overlooked. As I tried to examine the plastic used in one day of my life, the task became almost impossible, not because i was unable to find anything, but because almost everything in my life has plastic incorporated in it. Instead of focusing on all the aspects of my life that consume plastic, I’m going to dive into items related to food and drinks.

Week 3: Mary Had a Little Madagh

Imagine driving home from a long day of school, excited to be done with the day and to curl up with your little Shih Tzu puppy in just a few minutes. Within seconds, your life's turned upside down. Literally. Your car starts flipping over and over and over and over again until finally coming to a stop. The craziest part of it all, no one in your car has a single scratch. This scenario was my Wednesday afternoon in 2013.

Week 2: Lavishing Love on Lavash

Anyone that knows me knows that bread is one of my favorite things in the world. That may seem like an exaggeration, but very few things compare to the excitement in my eyes when I walk into a bakery and smell freshly baked bread. I don’t discriminate against any types of bread, but there is a special place in my heart for Armenian breads.The bread documentary from Netflix’s Cooked series shown in class shined light on the idea that bread is a “product of civilization and an enabler of civilization”(Polan).

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