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Week 7: Life Editing

Last year Chinese scientist, He Jiankui, used the powerful technology of CRISPR to create genetically modified twin baby girls. The gene surgery was performed when the girls were just embryos to protect them from HIV. The father of the girls was HIV positive and wanted to protect his children. The doctor is now under investigation by Chinese law enforcement and other fellow scientists to review his claim that he did indeed change their DNA.

Week 6: Separation of Human Activity and Nature

Immediately when I think of nature I think of animals, biology, and rainforests. Humans typically don’t instantly pop into that category for me. However, “nature” can refer to any phenomena of the physical world and life in general. It is interesting to think of humans as part of nature yet human activity is typically not seen as being part of the natural workings of things.

Week 5: Midterm Proposal Review

After going through the midterm proposals the three that interested me the most were Anne’s cookbook about the over consumption of meat, Lucky’s non-toxic paint, and Jose’s mushroom book and garden. All of these projects had some sort of food element to them which I liked and they all involved the use of mycelium which I find to be a fascinating medium.

Week 4: Plas(ick)

I’m going to be optimistic here and assume that majority of people, at least in Los Angeles and hopefully in the United States, know that we have a plastic problem. Although that consciousness may not turn into action, at least awareness is growing. Plastic is a part of our every hour life and it is here to stay. To think that disposables and all plastic packaging will go away anytime soon is a mire fantasy thought.

Week 3: GMO Chicken

In one of my entrepreneurial classes last quarter our professor showed us with a video about a company called Memphis Meats and posed us with the question of if we were an investor would we invest in this company? I have included the url to the company promo video on YouTube below for you to watch for yourself but I will also digress it here.


Week 2: Gluten

    This past week we discussed something that is seemingly so simple and something that is a staple to many cultures around the world, bread. This ball of gluten comes from a dough made from wheat, water, salt and maybe some yeast. Once the wet dough has risen then it is cooked in the oven and becomes a light and delicious loaf of bread.

Week 1: Soil as Art

Ever since I was a child I have always been interested in plants and gardens. My grandparents had 5 acres of land up in Northern California where I grew up. They planted tons of fruit and nut trees and had a garden every year. I loved going over and seeing how big the tomato plants had got. It gave me so much joy I eventually decided to grow my own garden.

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