Zodiac Signs in my Family

Good afternoon everyone,

I decided to look more into Sheep, Rat, and Ox. I choose these signs because they are a part of my immediate family. My mom’s Zodiac sign is a Rat. My dad’s sign is a Sheep. And my current boyfriend’s sign is Ox. All very different and interesting signs. 

Sounds In My House

Good afternoon everyone,

This week's assignment was very unusual for me. I am not a musician or a physicist. So I do not work with sounds and waves. It took me a very long time to decide what to do for this assignment. Also, I was unsure how to do this as well as how to record and combine the recordings.

My Little Adventure

Good evening everyone,

My mushroom hunting journey started when I left my apartment. I am new to the area and did not even walk around my apartment complex yet. So, first, I just walked around and looked at buildings and little nature incorporated into the complex:

Week #1: Carbon in Chemistry

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-19 at 00.39.32.jpeg

Good morning everyone,


I decided to draw Graphite vs. Diamond. I chose to write both names with capital letters to show the importance of both but especially Graphite. So, I remembered an easy way to draw both from my high school chemistry class.

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