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Week 9: Group Updates and Abstract

Our group was formally named Environment, Community, and Biomimicry. Since last week, we’ve renamed, or at least, reframed how we are presenting our research and projects together. Instead of organizing by scale, from smallest to largest ‘impact’, our idea is to organize through the lens of a reciprocal relationship between humans and the environment.

Week 8: Rough Draft of Layout

I was placed into the Environment, Community, and Biomimicry group. Although each of our projects are related to each other through one way or the other, they still differ vastly in content. Our organizational idea has still yet to be finalized but a general idea is for us to organize our projects by scale, going from small to big, molecular to global. Because my project has more to do with the individual, mine would likely be in the ‘small scale’.

Recap and Outline

Reflecting on my past blogs, I’ve noticed that many of my blogs have centered around mental health and ways to increase positivity and mental stimulation in your everyday life. 

Baking Bread to Stay Busy and the Benefits That Follow


During the past weeks of quarantine, the amount of bread being baked and made has risen significantly. All over social media, you can see many, many people sharing their baked goods that were made from scratch. Obviously, this increase in bread-baking is due to the quarantine and the increased amounts of time we suddenly have on our hands. 


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