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Week 9: Updates on Final Chapter (Misinformation)

Thus far I have expanded upon my final chapter! I plan to continue to work on it throughout the week, especially expanding on my analysis of the mentioned artists and exhibits. For now, I have expanded on what I wrote for last week's update and am working with my group in preparing for our final presentation. This is our planned chapter structure.

1. Emma: history of pandemics

2. Trina: conspiracy theories

3. Omar: racial inequality

4. Ali: social psychology of protest

5. Arron: hoarding & panic

Week 8: Final Project Outline Expanded (Misinformation)

From some discussion with my xenophobia group members, I have decided to move to the misinformation group instead. I will be focusing on misinformation in terms of how it is caused, spread, and mitigated. I will also be writing about hoarding, one specific result of misinformation, and how it can be expressed as an artform. 


Week 7: Changing Perspectives

This week I had the pleasure of listening to our guest, Siddharth Ramarkrishnan, and learned a lot about perspective and how words alone can influence the way we think. Harkening back to my blog posts thus far, I think a majority of my writing has revolved around the necessity to change initially negative perspectives of the pandemic.


Midterm Proposal: Panic and Relief

This week I had the pleasure of learning more about the various connections our zodiac animals had to COVID-19. In light of our current pandemic, I have decided to frame my midterm proposal around misinformation revolving around the panic incited and the results of said panic and the past pandemics and epidemics humanity has survived. 


Week 1: Covid19: Obesity and Staying Healthy Amidst Social Distancing

This week I had the pleasure of attending our first Zoom meeting, reading the Honors book created in 2013, and watching the Intro to Biotech and Art Video. Of everything I was exposed to, I found Ms. Barbara Bensoussan's piece, "Obesity // what we can learn from industrial genetics and art," from the Honors book to personally be the most relevant to the  Covid-19 pandemic and the seemingly restrictive, but important method of safety in social distancing. 


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