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Serendipitous Beauty

I selected my point of reference using Google maps. Because of the lack of gas in my car, I limited the proximity  around me to a 15 mile radius, and allowed a family member to choose with their eyes closed. I've always been an admirer of nature, but haven't been prioritizing that form of curiosity. 

A Pencil's Intricacy

As embarrassing as it may sound, it took almost half an hour for me to actively locate a pencil within my household. It's been years since I've last incorporated a pencil in my toolbox, but it was interesting to reinvigorate a lost passion, being the art of drawing with something other than ink. Although my artistic prowess may lack, the pencil seemed easier to use, yet much more brittle than I remembered. After having actually utilized the utensil, it dawned on me how neglectful its process can be.

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