Potential Topics for Final Paper(s): Music and Sound Therapy, Carbon and Biotechnology, Antibodies and Animals, or Microbiology and Art

I would like to choose the applications of music and sound to medicine and healthcare as the topic that I write about in my final paper. To approach this topic, I plan on using research studies and experimental results to root my discussions on the potential benefits and application for music and sound in various aspects of healthcare. 

My Journey Through Time: Piano Recordings from the Baroque era to the 20th century

My favorite part of this week’s lecture was seeing Carolina Eyck play her theremin. At first I thought that there would be worlds of difference between the way a theremin and the piano or other instruments like the cello are played. However, after watching Carolina Eyck on the theremin for several minutes, I noticed that a lot of her gestures and body movements are very reminiscent of how I play the piano. 

Being a Mushroom Hunter... Indoors?

While the expectation for this week’s assignment was to complete the MycoMythologies Storytelling Circle Soundwalk outdoors, I unfortunately had to modify my plans because I was unable to leave my house over the weekend. So instead of searching for fungi within the great mysteries of Mother Nature, I decided to go mushroom hunting over the span of three floors in a typical Silicon Valley home. 

More than food: The symbolism and diversity of bread across different cultures

Unfortunately, this week I did not have access to a kitchen, oven, or any of the ingredients that I would need to try baking my own bread. However, I was able to participate in the cooking of a Chinese dish involving wrapping a nutritious filling composed of vegetables, corn, and noodles in pancakes made of corn flour. 

Carbon is Everywhere: Reflecting upon the Prevalence of Carbon

When I was using a pencil to create the drawing shown below, I started thinking about how graphite was used in the production of the pencil I was using. This got me thinking about how graphite is a form of carbon found in nature where six carbon atoms are arranged in a hexagonal structure. Another allotrope of carbon in addition to graphite found in nature is diamond which is a rare mineral that is now commonplace in luxury jewelry and a symbol of union, love and fortune.

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