Final Proposal - Restoring the Rhythm of Life: Music and Rhythmic Rehabilitation in patients with Neurodegenerative Decline

These past few weeks in art and biotechnology class we have talked extensively about the biochemical and physical connectivity that can be reflected through art. Mycelial networks connect us to the natural universe on a fundamental level, carbon structures in graphene connect us to the organic affinities we share with pencil drawing as a reflection of our present experience, and Chinese zodiacs connect us with the Hox gene and distinct genetic developmental trajectories.

Man's Best Friend vs. His Closest Relative: The dog and the monkey

The two Chinese Animal Zodiac signs that I wanted to focus on for this assignment were the dog and the monkey because of their proximity to human experiences and traits. We have man’s best friend juxtaposed with man’s evolutionary cousin so I wanted to see the ways that these mythologies play into the scientific uses of these animals and what they can tell us about our human nature. 

Finding Strength in the Dragon

I was born in May 2000, so my Chinese Animal Zodiac is the dragon. I remember when I was younger, my older brothers had just learned about Chinese animal zodiacs in school and we were discussing them at the dinner table. In many respects, I was not as confident as my brothers. Because they were older than me, I often felt that I would never be as strong or as smart as them, and I never felt this sentiment stronger than during our dinnertime conversations. However, when we discussed Chinese animal zodiacs for the first time, I actually felt very empowered.

Purposeful and Unconscious Natural Rhythms in Anxiety


This week's lecture topic excites me, both as a psychobiology student AND as a music industry student. I have been a singer my whole life, so breath and rhythm have always been at the forefront of my creative process. 

These past few weeks in Biotechnology and Art I have grown in an understanding that there are more connections between our biochemical state and natural environmental state that are intrinsic to how we function and internalize life events.

Exploration & Mycelial Networks

Exploration & Mycelial Networks

The mycelial network is an ever expansive, microscopic web of fungal mycelia that carries infinite possibilities to spread and grow continuously. 

BBC calls this network “an information super highway,” equating mycelial networks to the internet of the natural world, or the “wood wide web.”

Matter & Energy in Art & Reality

On the most fundamental level, we understand the universe to be a ceaselessly expanding realm of matter and energy. Quantum uncertainty adds a new layer of complexity to consider in this already seemingly abstract representation of how we perceive and reflect on reality.