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Week 8: Revised final outline - Economics, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

During Wednesday’s seminar, I was put in the technology and economy group. After discussing each of our plans for the final essay, we decided on a preliminary order for our chapters. In order to maintain a good flow between the chapters written by each team member, as well as avoid covering the same topic multiple times, we decided that Adam and I would write the last two chapters.

Line Self-Portrait

I drew my line self-portrait the way I did because I wanted to represent the mix of pessimistic and optimistic feelings that I have. The pessimistic line is darker and straighter, while the optimistic line is wavy, dashed and faded, and to me this represents how negativity can cloud over me for longer periods of time than positivity.

Final Paper Outline

  1. Introduction

    1. Goal: to research the economic impact of Covid-19, particularly on the Biotech industry, and examine any potential effects on virtual reality art and augmented reality art

Economics, Culture and Art: Reflecting on my Blog Posts Throughout the Quarter

In last Wednesday’s seminar, we were lucky to be able to listen to Siddharth Ramakrishnan discuss different learning methods and how our minds work in general. I was particularly intrigued by the discussion around perceptual learning versus imagery learning, and found it very applicable as a college student who has tried to figure out the best way to study for my classes.

Midterm Proposal: The Economic Impact of Covid-19 and its Effect on the Biotech Industry and Virtual Reality Art

Throughout the first four weeks of this class, we have discussed the many different ways that the Coronavirus has negatively impacted individuals, as well as society as a whole. In my blog post during the first week, I explored the consequences of food waste, as many people panic bought food only to hoard it and inevitably waste it.

The Importance of Bread and Grains During Quarantine and Moving Forward

In reading Haytham Nawar’s “Collective Bread Diaries” paper, I was struck by the political and religious importance of bread historically. While I had definitely learned about some of these important events in past classes, the importance of bread and wheat never fully resonated with me until reading this paper.

Covid-19 and Food Waste

      In reading through the Honors Book, Katherine Diep’s chapter “Food Waste // Sources and Solutions” really caught my eye. While food waste has long been a problem in countries like the United States, the topic felt especially applicable in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

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