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Final Outline Updated

Initial meetings with my group proved somewhat interesting as we had to find a way to somehow connect technology and economy in a seamless way. This proved further difficult as one of my group peers, Josh, had originally come from a much more “social” aspect for his paper and final. Our first course of action was re-shaping of some of our respective papers.

Reflecting for the Future

Entering this quarter, I expected this class to be much more linear than what we have done. Maybe a blog here or there about Biology, technology, and art, with a bit of overlap here and there. Yet the topics we have discussed not only surprised but impressed me. I find myself drawing connections between ideologies that I never knew had any connection between each other.

Reporters of Science

Gardening has always been a secret hobby of mine. Being able to nurture something that provides both physical and mental nourishment has kept allowed me to become more patient in other aspects of my life. Yet after watching Spaceship Earth (2020) this weekend, it made me realize the much more practical side of my tiny project.

How Video Gaming is One of Few Industries Growing During a Pandemic

If I’m being honest, most of my life has been spent in front of a TV or computer screen. Playing video games has been something that has been my greatest double-edged sword: providing my greatest sense of comfort and entertainment, while also being one of my greatest hindrances due to the excessive amounts of time I have sunken into it. Throughout the last few decades have completely changed at nearly every level since its inception with Pong in the 70s.

Environment's Beef with Beef

While 1997 had many important events such as the Mars Pathfinder landing and Hong Kong's Independence of China, my mom’s fondest memory (hopefully besides my birth year) is that it is the Year of the Ox. I grew up deep into Chinese culture because of my mom and with it came the many Chinese zodiac signs. While I generally don’t believe in horoscopes or any other forms of zodiac signs, I’ve held a strong connection to specifically the Ox.

The Food for Famine, Faith, and Fame

           My average breakfast the past few weeks has consisted of some form of juice along with a protein bar and another non-perishable snack on the side. Yet, this isn’t what I or most Americans typically dine on in the mornings. Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak, the majority of our typical daily rituals have been replaced or compromised on due to the quarantine mandate.

Week 2 Notes

Raj spoke of the world’s growing death rates spiking due to the COVID-19 crisis and is now causing many nations in the world to become overwhelmed. The conflicting cultural, religious, and environmental ideologies for burial practices are something that is now one of the main consequences of the disease to our societies besides the very deaths themselves. 

Perspectives of Death During a Pandemic

      Throughout the course of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, my life has been filled with either moments of complete chaos or harrowing solitude. Living an almost nomadic lifestyle out of my car, I have had to witness these distressing times through a unique lens. I wake up to an empty street and dull winds of Westwood. Following the snacking of several granola or protein bars, I use the later extent of my day finding places to study or loiter.

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