The Movements of Sound

I currently live in a studio apartment in Westwood with my sister and another roommate. So one thing that I have noticed is that there is constantly some kind of sound or noise happening in the apartment. Whether it is the microwave, the food sizzling on the stove, the kettle heating up, or the clicks of the keyboards on our computers, there is always some kind of noise or rhythm everyday.

Weeks 1-4: Full Circle

The main topics that we have discussed this quarter so far have been the idea of pencils and graphite, the quantum world, yeast and bread, and mycelium. Every single one of these concepts has a very unique intricate connection to art and personally I have never take a class that actually explores these connections. My drawing is meant to depict the simultaneous presence of each of these concepts. The world we live in is intensely connected and often times it difficult to illustrate these connections in a way that accurately shows how life progresses.

Natural Connections

As a mushroom hunter, being able to walk outside while listening to the meditative sounds and explore my surroundings was a very unique experience for me. I was able to use this as an opportunity to walk through a forest that is located behind my house. As I was walking I really began feeling connected to the environment around me.

The Master Recipe

History has shown that grains have been a staple product for a long time. Bread is not only a staple food however, it is a part of culture in so many areas of the world. I am Egyptian, and personally I know the importance of bread and the role it can play in so many different ways. Two summers ago I went to Egypt to visit my family, this was the first I had gone to Egypt in 17 years.

Week 2: Art, Science, or Both?

Serendipity is defined as “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way.” Chance took me to a location close to my apartment in LA. When I arrived I began to wonder what I should document and I realized that I was thinking so hard about what I should document rather than just taking in my surroundings.

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