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Final Update

After our conversation with Iman, we came to realize that we are actually quite a diverse group. While other groups are brought together by a general topic, our group is a wide variety of topics under the central theme of misinformation.

Updated Draft

Ok here is my slightly more written out draft. I'm still haven't written the transitions, but the bulk of the research is in there. I haven't attached the images, but their links are there.


Keeping History from Repeating Itself- What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics?


My two lines

While my lines aren't beautiful, they are meant to describe a journey in which time moves along the x axis. However, the y axis doesn't necessarily represent good or bad (rather two different paths).

Bringing scientific knowledge to non-scientists: a duty of artists and scientists

Upon reading my previous blog posts, I found that on the surface, there was not much in common. In one post, I talk about cleaner air and Covid19 and the following week I move onto how the coronavirus has affected religious festivities. While these topics range from Renaissance art, to tigers, to capitalism, the over-arching theme in all of my posts is my desire for science to be a more common conversation among non-scientists. All too often, the conversation of science and how it affects our world is left to the scientists.

How a capitalist economy affects scientific research?

In the movie, Spaceship Earth, towards the end of their two-year experiment, they had difficulty continuing to fund the project. As a result, the major contributor to the project, Ed Bass, took over the company and sought out people who could focus Biosphere2 on short term profits and gains. In a similar manner, there are many scientific research projects that are either funded or not funded based on short term profits and gains. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it definitely affects the way scientific research is conducted.

Keeping History from Repeating Itself- What Can We Learn from Previous Pandemics?

While being quarantined in my home, my mom was cleaning out some old books from our attic when she happened to come upon a book called, “A Journal of the Plague Year” by Daniel DeFore (Figure 1). It was a relatively new book, but was written in 1665. At the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, this seemed so ironic and almost hilarious that we should find this book. Now, as the virus has fully infiltrated our lives and changed our entire worlds, the book feels a little heavier.

Tigers, Lungs, and Covid19

I was born in the year of the Tiger in 1998. As I have had the chance to learn about the tiger through the hoxzodiac.com website and other sources, I have really enjoyed learning about the stories and symbolism behind Chinese zodiac animals. A particular aspect of these signs was that each was given a specific organ. For instance, the rat organ is the gallbladder, the rabbit organ is the large intestine, and the dragon organ is the stomach. However, the tiger’s organ is the lung. And in this time of the Covid19 crisis, I found this to be an incredibly striking topic.

Unleavened Bread and Passover/Easter

This past week/weekend is one of the biggest for Jewish and Christian/Catholic communities as they celebrate Passover and Easter. Growing up in the Catholic faith, I have always been taught that bread, and in particular the unleavened bread consumed during the Eucharist, is the bread of life and a way for Christ to present within us.


Covid19 is affecting everyone around the globe. However, this past weekend those of the Jewish and Christian faiths (and other sub-denominations) were unable to celebrate and observe their common religious rituals.


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