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Week 7: CRISPR Vs. Nature

    As we mentioned in class last week, CRISPR is based on the natural immune response that bacterial cells have. Manipulating this system has allowed scientists to edit various genes among all organisms. Here is a quick synopsis of how this process works:


Week 3: Designer Dogs

     Lately, I’ve taken an interest in dogs. Specifically, looking at cute dog videos on the endless feed that is Instagram. One account that I now follow is known as @idogsplanet where various dogs are given subtitles as if they are verbally expressing the physical attitudes they display. Here’s a link to a funny video they recently posted (hope it makes your day):


Week 2: A Recap of Week 1 Workshops and Staples of Food

     To start off this blog, I will first summarize the workshop held week one, centered around Linda Weintraub's book What’s Next?: Eco-Materialism and Contemporary Art. Overall, the workshops served to introduce what our class is meant to teach us; the combination of science and art in an effort to make a message or statement about our current state of being. In the workshops, the main message that was focused on was the treatment of our planet Earth.

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