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Final Proposal: Human Genome Editing

During our zodiac animal discussion during week 7, we were prompted to research bioengineering in animals. Personally, I saw all the benefits in genetically modifying animals, including environmental, ethical, and economical reasons. However, that is still quite a controversy today despite the advances in biotechnology. In fact, we have the capability to genetically modify the human genome.

An Offering to the Rabbit + a special offering

I was born in March 1999 during the year of the rabbit. I have always felt a connection to this animal since they had a kind and soft connotation and not to mention are very adorable. It was to my surprise that this animal ruled the large intestines which is a not so cute organ. However, the large intestine is a treasured part of my body as I love eating and need it to help me digest a lot of food.

Sound of Home

I didn’t realize how noisy my home environment was until I got to experience the silent study halls and libraries of UCLA. When the COVID-19 pandemic started and I moved back home, I was bombarded by different noises in my household. I don’t have my own room and all the desks are in a “study room” of the house, but it is also right next to the kitchen and the backyard where my mother would go back and forth from.

Mid-quarter Reflection

I am so surprised at how fast this quarter went. Five weeks have passed, and I have five more weeks in undergrad. Then again, I'm surprised at how it has only been five weeks. This class has taught me so much and opened up my mind in ways I can't explain. I would've never thought that I could be capable of making bread and thinking about how connected everything in the world is. This class took simple things in life and put it into such deep perspective. Even a pencil, something I don't use much anymore, has so much meaning behind it and the science on how it functions.

Mycellium Adventure

This week’s lecture on mycomythology was extremely eye opening. Prior to this workshop, I never really gave much thought about the world around me. Now, I am starting to realize just how much is connected by such tiny organisms. This new insight into the world of fungi fueled my curiosity and had me wander out with a fresh new perspective.

Science in Baking

This year, I joined the Catherine F. Clarke lab at UCLA. The research her lab focuses in is the biosynthesis of Coenzyme Q (CoQ). Most of what we known about CoQ is from Saccharomyces Cerevisiae which is yeast.

Carbon: The Building Blocks of Life and the Pencil

From watching the lecture, I learned about the misconception of the pencil and the manufacturing process of the pencil. From using regular pencils since elementary school, I never really thought about how they were made or even thought about the amazing things it would allow me to do. The pencil is a very powerful tool as it allows people to depict their thoughts through words and images. It was though that pencils used lead to deposit pigment onto paper, however the substance is actually graphite, a form of carbon.

The Start of a New Beginning

Right when I started college, I knew where I wanted to attend pharmacy school. It was always a big dream of mine to attend UCSF, however, I knew how competitive and far-reaching it was. This past February, I was notified that i have been admitted into UCSF School of Pharmacy class of 2024. I was absolutely ecstatic. However, I was also worried and sad about leaving southern California as I had been here my whole life. San Francisco is an incredibly urban area and I had only been there a couple times as a tourist. And now I am expected to live there for the next three year.

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