Project preposal

 My final project: serendipity and the nuances that make life worth living. Biotechnology and Art go hand in hard.  Not only is art  the most clear and interpretable way to explain scientific concepts, art is also a scientific concept. As pencils use lead and singers use their voice. Art is based in science.

Week 6 zodiac sign

I do not believe in zodiac signs. I am a sagittarius and everything I read about sagittariuses seems to contradict itself so when I was asked to look into my chinese zodiac sign I was skeptical. I always wonder how my birth month or birth year could possibly have any impact on my character. That is until I read about my chinese sign: The Snake. 

Week5 noises

         In class last week we not only talked about heartbeat and noise frequencies, we also discussed scale. In class we talked about sound on a small scale and how it relates to life and vibration so for my assignment I decided to use sound on a larger scale.


At first when I was told to make a piece of art that recapped the first four weeks of the course I was confused. I knew that all of the concepts we have discussed are connected but I struggled to imagine how I would connect them through art. I got a blank piece of paper out of the bottom of my printer and I stared at it. I thought about failing this class. I thought about my lack of artistic skills.

Observation Walk

I went on my walk with my friend who is visiting me from Seattle. We listened to the recording and took pictures of the things we noticed. We tried to pay close attention to the items that reminded us of Fungi. When the recording started to play I found it annoying. There was a buzzing sound in the background and I did not like how it was telling me what to do. It just kept repeating “walk just walk” like it was trying to hypnotize me.

Week 3 Bread making

I moved to LA for spring quarter and when I moved in I was celebrating Passover so I did not buy any bread. I bought my first loaf of bread since moving here last week because my initial groceries lasted me two weeks but they were missing bread. Now that I have been living here for almost a month it was really interesting to make bread in the kitchen I had been breaking matzah in just two weeks earlier. 


Week 2 Serendipity


Single word: home 

At first I could not seem to figure out how to drop a random pin from my phone. Then miraculously I accidentally dropped a pin that was a five minute walk from my current location so I decided to follow it. 


Pencil reflection

While drawing this picture I felt grateful for the energy and the resources that are used to create the pencil that I was using to make this image. I felt connected to the pencil as its graphite is made of carbon just like I am made of carbon. I felt a sense of respect for the pencil as I now understand how it came to being. My piece was inspired by the hexagonal shape of carbon and the fact that it is not only in pencils and humans, but also in stars.

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