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Week 9: Finished Final Rough Draft

After meeting and discussing with my group, I think that my portion of our chapter will work to address how misinformation surrounding both vaccines and stay at home orders can manifest in protest. Since our group is focusing on the history of anti-vax beliefs, it is important to talk about current opinions surrounding vaccines, especially during these pandemic times.

Rough draft  (images will have to be updated for copyright purposes)

Week 8: Expanded Final Outline + Potential Images to Use

Meeting with my anti-vax group this week in class gave me further insight on how I could focus on outside factors that are inspiring fear over both vaccine development and stay at home orders. I am specifically interested in the role culture and media plays in shaping perception on the pandemic which can then translate into behaviors and action.

Final Essay Outline 




I drew my pessimist line as being rather thick and steep due to the fact that in response to this pandemic I have personally struggled to see the bright side of things. Its hard to have lots of faith in the government and people to create the perfect and organized response to this. My optimism line is wide with a waving line in the middle to represent that while I do try to have some optimism, it tends to fluctuate based on current events and news.

Perception and Behavior – The Perception of COVID-19

The guest lecture given by Siddharth Ramakrishnan and its focus on perception was extremely insightful and interesting to learn about. This got me thinking about how perception can influence our behavior. In fact, “perception and behavior are inextricably intertwined such that people automatically behave as they perceive” (Chartrand et al., 2012). Looking at my previous blog posts, I wanted to investigate more on how I wrote about the perception of COVID-19 and the various topics I discussed.

Biospheres and Sustainable Architecture

While watching Spaceship Earth (2020), the discussion and depictions of the Biosphere 2 revolved around the notion of creating an enclosed area in which people and ecosystems could coexist and prosper. While the Biosphere 2 experiment was not successful in achieving its goals, it certainly was able to make a long-term impact. The concept of a biosphere and geo-dome has been translated into cinema and movies along with having representation in modern sustainable architecture.

Midterm Proposal: The Art of Protest – Fighting Against Stay at Home Orders

As stay at home orders continue to be extended in order to try and hinder the spread of coronavirus, tensions around the nation are steadily growing. Recently we have seen the breakouts of protests with people fighting that stay at home orders violate their personal liberties and freedoms at citizens (Figure 1). In California, Florida, Texas, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Washington, Tennessee, Illinois, and more people have started gathering in the masses to push for the reopening of state economies and the end of the stay at home orders (Morris).

COVID-19, The Environment, and Tigers – How They Are Linked Together

Tigers are currently an endangered species with a wide array of conservation efforts established to try an increase their survival in the wild. Traditional Chinese Medicine practices consider the tiger to be an animal of intense healing powers, leading to the hunting and poaching of tigers throughout Asia and Africa (Guynup). Every part of the tiger can be used in order to treat illness, with tiger bone being one of the most prized commodities for its supposed anti-inflammatory properties and the ability to treat headaches (Guynup).

Baking as a Way to Cope with Stress During COVID-19

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many people have gone to the grocery store to see shelves barren and empty of food. Many people are panic buying items like toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer, and other essential items to try to prepare themselves for self-isolation. Another surprising commodity flying off the shelves is baking supplies as people are turning to baking bread and pastries as a way to pass time during their self-isolation at home.

Calming Fear Through Art: Art During COVID-19

With the rapid spread of COVID-19, the world has faced drastic changes in an extremely short amount of time. As many countries around the world have entered national lockdowns, people have rapidly been forced into isolation in an effort to help “flatten the curve” and curtail the spread of COVID-19. The rapid closure of many public venues has spread into the art world forcing many museums in affected countries, like the United States, China, South Korea, Italy, etc., to shut their doors indefinitely (Casacone and Rea, 2020).

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