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Week 9: Final Paper Rough Draft and Chapter Updates

Here's an update on how my final paper is going! I'm still working on adding more information on specific herbal remedies to tie my paper into the rest of my chapter. With my group we came up with how we wanted to order our papers together so they flowed in a logical fashion. My paper would go last so I'm also working on writing a short conclusion for the chapter. I am currently also trying to find public domain images for my paper which has been a bit difficult, so I'm spending some more time on that right now.

Week 8: Revised and Updated Outline + Potential Images

After talking to my group, "Food," I decided to add a bit more information to my section about the herbal remedies and home remedies that have been claimed to help treat COVID-19 and relate these to the rest of my paper, tying it into the idea of duality and how the current pandemic is changing some of these views. I did more research on the new business, "Covid Organics" which has grown in popularity as their herbal remedies have been claimed to be effective.

Week 7: Perception and Perspective in the Face of COVID-19 + Final Outline

Perception often involves our five senses: touch, taste, smell, sight, and sound (Cherry 2019). The brain goes through many processes in order to understand and transmit this information. Many parts of the brain are activated to process these stimuli, such as the primary visual cortex. However, a huge part of this depends on the input that we receive.

Week 6: Climate Change from Biosphere 2 to COVID-19, Carbon Emissions

Watching Spaceship Earth and seeing how they used Biosphere 2 to try and create a solution to what we are doing to Earth. It’s insane to me that even in 2020, people still don’t believe that climate change is real while during the 1980s and 1990s, they were warned that “most destruction is caused by human ignorance.” This returns us to the urgency of the climate change crisis and how many people are discussing how the COVID-19 pandemic has helped improve the world’s environment due to the lockdown.

Midterm Proposal: Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Past and Present

Of the topics that we have discussed and I have researched for this class, the most interesting to me was looking into traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) versus Western medicine. I touched upon this in my blog for Week 3 but would like to go more in depth for my midterm presentation. While this debate has long been going on, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a resurgence of this debate. As Professor Vesna mentioned during our discussion, these two approaches of medicine are like yin and yang. I had originally never thought about it this way, but I really like this idea.

Week 3: Tiger Balm - Traditional Chinese Medicine vs. Allopathic Medicine during COVID-19 Pandemic

Tigers have been considered a special animal in many cultures. Specifically, for the Chinese, various body parts of the tiger are used to treat any diseases and illnesses (“Hox Zodiac”). Because of this, tigers are arguably a sign of healing and health treatments. Tiger Balm is no exception as their goal, as stated on their website, is “to deliver health and well-being through proven oriental wisdom” (“The Tiger Balm Philosophy”).

Week 2: COVID-19's Potential Aftermath in Pollution and Energy

With all the talk about COVID-19 and its impact on the environment, it feels especially relevant to this week’s topic about Eco Materialism. As we had discussed in class, air pollution has been found to be linked to higher death rates due to COVID-19 (Carrington 2020). I was very interested in this, so I wanted to look further into it. This research has actually been done in many countries and have made similar conclusions, giving the claim validity.

Week 1: COVID-19 and Art

With the COVID-19 pandemic escalating in the United States, individuals have been asked to stay at home. As a result, many people have been finding different activities to pass their time with. Art is no exception. A myriad of different people have been taking advantage of this time to immerse themselves in art, in one way or another. On the other hand, artists who rely on resources at a studio or people attending galleries are all of a sudden stuck without an income.

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