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DNA Database: useful tool or misleading guide against true criminals?

DNA fingerprinting has been proved efficient in exonerating wrongly convicted suspects and identifying truly guilty ones in criminal investigation. In fact, more than 200 people were free owing to such technology. However, currently more advanced and portable DNA analyzing instrument as well as an ever-expanding DNA database might be responsible for selective and biased arrest in future law enforcement, which is analogous to application of phrenology in criminal justice system in the last century.

Green Leaves, Green People?

I am very impressed by the concept of photosynthetic humans and how artists expressed it. Photosynthesis is commonly found in plants, algae and some bacteria groups and is considered key to all life on earth. Through this pathway oxygen is released into the atmosphere and carbon dioxide fixed into polysaccharides, which makes up the bases of our food.

(Source: http://www.nature.com/scitable/topicpage/plant-cells-chloroplasts-and-cell-walls-14053956)

Ecosystem in a Tube!

   Life on earth strives everywhere, no matter how harsh the environment appears. From the waters thousands of meters below sea surface where sunlight never shines through, to hundreds of miles from the shore where rain seldom hits the ground, one can always find traces of life. All living organisms, along with the surrounding environment, constitute an ecosystem, and all the diverse ecosystems together forms the biosphere.


Biotech vs. Bioart

       I enrolled in this class as a third year biochemistry student. Before I had minimal experience with modern art, not to mention bioart. Thus, I am glad to learn more about this specific type of art in this class as it is more closely related to my field of study than any other genre.

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