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Abstract & Progress

Our group has found a strong focus on the back and forth relationship between humans and society to the environment and climate change. In regards to the pandemic as well as the world that precedes and follows this global crisis, we will look at different ways that the environment has impacted us and how we can do our part to have a beneficial impact on the environment and make up for the degradation of it.

Optimism & Pessimism by Kamila Weiss

Optimism is expressed as the while line with a thin border. The white thickness embodies the strength of optimism within me and the consistent rise demonstrates my steadily progressive optimism throughout my life. Pessimism is jagged, bold, and steep. This form reiterates the drastic hole I find myself in when I have pessimistic thoughts. The intersection represents the crossing point when I decide to change my perspective or think in a different light. 



Blog Reflection - Technology and New Dimensions of Expression

Concepts that focus on expanding an artistic expression into unventured dimensions seem to have flooded my blog posts. I always find a way to apply the new dimension of expression into our benefit in regards to the coronavirus. As an architecture student, one of my main interests is provocative design that utilizes advanced technology and concepts to bring new forms of information to the public through art.

Biosphere Immersive Artistic Expression for Speculative Science

In the documentary Spaceship Earth, David Stumpf, a former biosphere scientist, states that the project was not science, but rather a form of “trendy, ecological entertainment” (1:09). Scientists agree there were too many uncontrolled factors and the experiment “cannot be duplicated to double-check results” (1:08).

Post Pandemic Biophilia

Our lives, as humans, are intertwined with all other living organisms and the earth. All animals, plants, bacteria, fungi, and single-cell organisms are apart of an ecosystem that relies on everybody’s participation for a collective vitality. Humans isolated themselves and tyrannized the parts of nature that benefited the species without regard for the destruction they left behind.

Tigers, Organs, and Stripes, Oh my!

Tigers and rats are the polar opposite ends of the food chain. Where rats scavenge for food and try not to be eaten, tigers feast and do not worry about a stronger animal. Rats live in packs, giant families, but tigers are solitary. However strong these differences are, rats and tigers are both killed or taken from the wild for their own reasons.

Globalism and Universal Spread

During the time of the Coronavirus, the concept of globalization and the spread of culture, materials, and disease is very present. In Linda Weintraub's lecture about Eco Materialism, she states that the technological advancement that radically changed the world of art was the invention of the aircraft. Most transparently, the aircraft provided the ability for a speedy transfer of physical commodities and people.

Mental Health - Healing Art

In light of the concern of mental health during this pandemic, I wanted to share some resources for anxiety relief through art. Like Stella and Adam expressed in their blog and during our discussion, meme pages, murals, and music have all surfaced for the relief of everybody that it quarantined. 

Here's a link to a collection of quarantine playlists and new albums that have been getting me through the stay-at-home isolation!


Beyond the Spectrum

Light and color are elements that are constantly present in our world. They illustrate our perspective and inform our minds. But, there are lights and colors beyond the spectrum of our human vision capacity. An example of this is could be bioluminescence. In the Honor's book article "Bioluminescence and Art," Nakia Sarad explains that bioluminescence is the glowing light that is inside of deep-sea creatures such as jellyfish and squids (Sarad 104).

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