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Final Abstract: Trash Burning and Related Contributions to Global Climate Change

Global climate change (GCC) is the observed rise of the Earth’s average temperature and its related consequences. As early as the 1800s, scientist began to examine the possible effects of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide, that collect in the Earth’s atmosphere. Joseph Fourier, a French mathematician, first proposed that Earth’s atmosphere modeled a glass greenhouse and traps energy in the form of heat, providing an insulation layer. GCC is the effect of greenhouse gas emissions from human use on global climate. Today, GCC is one of the most discussed issues.

Week 8: HOX ZODIAC and trash burning

I attended the HOX ZODIAC last night with my girlfriend. I served rabbit, ox, snake, dragon, and rat. It was an excellent evening. Many of the patrions were very excited to know what sign the food was representitive of and constatly looking out for their sign. My girlfriend was also a volunteered and helped Victoria’s daughter in assembling the plates and drinks. It was a really nice time with a variety of attendies. It was an excellent Saturday night for a long weekend. 

Week 7: BPA, artSHOW, and Octopi

Thursday's class was great! There was so much content: class presentations, Siddharth Ramakrishnan’s lecture, and the MFA students exhibit at the Broad Art Center. The class presentations were great! I am so impressed with my fellow classmates, such innovators! The Broad Art Center show was also truly incredible, what an experience. Dr. Ramakrishnan mentioned how at Puget Sound the science and art buildings are all mixed in together it made me wish that was the case for UCLA. In my two years at UCLA, I never knew of the giant art community here unit taking this course.

Week 6: maths and dirt

First, I want to thank everyone who presented their midterm last class. It was helpful for myself and other students (I’m sure). I was a little lost with my own project and after seeing everyone else’s I was able to complete mine and turn it in. I am excited to share it with you all. I really enjoyed the mathematical approach to art in showcasing the plastic ocean patch problem. It was a very educational experience and the graphs presented an eerie artistic edge. A good friend of mine majored in math here at UCLA and went to Yale for her Masters in Fine Arts (MFA).

Week 5: Bois Durci and The Homeless Vehicle

Bois Durci immediately stood out to me due to my interest in epidemiology and the idea of working with blood. This was a Victorian era technique and is no longer used. The reason it stood out to me so much is because of the delicacy in working with blood. Due to bloodborne pathogens, working with blood isn’t as simple as other mediums, there are regulations and laws that restrict how it is used. The technique itself is interesting none the less. Bois Durci is a mixture of finely ground wood and blood albumen specifically.

Week 4: A day with no polymers and Midterm idea proposal

Lecture on Thursday was great! (Although I am looking forward to Professor Vesna’s return this upcoming Thursday- you have been missed!!) Professor Gimzewski gave a fun talk on polymers. The highlight of his talk is definitely when he called actin an “awesome polymer.” I would agree with him; it is a pretty awesome polymer. Polymers are incredible.

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