An Existentialist Perspective

For this week's assignment of visiting a location through serendipity, I decided to print out a small map of UCLA and toss a hairpin onto it. I was excited to find that my hairpin landed on the Fowler/Janss Steps (soon to be called Kuruvungna Steps) area, so I put on my mask, grabbed a notebook and pen, and made my way to campus. It was a beautiful weekend afternoon--sunny but still cool, and there were a plethora of small groups lounging around in the sun.

Deforestation and Stationery

My intention for this drawing exercise was to be somewhat meta—I sketched my own hand gripping a drawing of a pencil, which was in turn used to sketch a carbon allotrope on a drawing of a paper, all on a real paper. I also depicted tree branches stemming from the pencil drawing, the body of which functioned as a tree trunk; the tree-pencil-contraption-drawing signified deforestation in order to satisfy the market for pencils.

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