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Week 9: Update on Final Paper + Abstract

This week, I continued to work on my final paper by adding more information. I added information about Beuys' Acorns by Ackroyd and Harvey and Recycling Yantra by Raphael Perret, and how they each discuss climate change in different ways. Also, I added a conclusion and transition paragraphs in order to demonstrate fluidity throughout the paper. Lastly, I included information about how air pollution can also harm people's immune system, therefore inhibiting their ability to fight disease. 

Draft of Final Paper: Influence of Climate Change on Infectious Diseases

This past week, I have started on my draft of my final paper. I have added more information about climate change and the rise in infectious disease themselves, to provide more background information. Additionally, I added sections about biodiversity and dust pollution, to deepen my argument. Currently, I am working to plan out the artistic works that I will write about. As of now, it is Beuys' Acorns and the Recycling Yantra, and I will work to relate how these art pieces relate to the climate change conversation.

Lecture 8: Self Portrait

In my self portrait, I drew a thicker arrow pointing diagonally up to represent pessimism. Due to my disappointment with the administration and authorities in handling the pandemic, I feel particularly more pessimistic right now, which is why I made the line thicker. Also, during the pandemic I have been looking at a lot of graphs, and the upward trend in many graphs, which often refer to the number of cases, is a negative sign of the pandemic progression.

Final Outline

I. Introduction 

a. Motivation behind researching the relationship between climate change and infectious disease

b. How the environment has changed in recent years 

c. How the total number of disease spreading and outbreaks has changed in recent years

II. Warming Climate 

a. Increasing temperature enables mosquitos to migrate to different regions and spread disease

b. Increasing procreation rate for the virus and mosquitos

Looking through My Blogs: Sustainability

As I look back upon my past blogs, I noticed that they all focus on sustainability in some way. Every week, I tackle a different area of sustainability, from the environmentalist attitude to the impact of climate change on diseases. As an area that I previously did not have a lot of experience in, I found it interesting that this is what I gravitated towards throughout this course. I find the relationship between climate change and the current pandemic we are in fascinating, and have been intrigued to understand more about the environmentalist cause.

Perception of Climate Change in the 1970s and Now

As I watched Spaceship Earth, I was intrigued by the mentality of the commune during the 1960s and 1970s. They were so active with their projects, and used hard work as a method of understanding the earth. Their form of activism, through engineering, design, and the environment, was new and innovative to me. I was curious to research and understand how attitudes towards climate change have altered in recent years, particularly from the 1970s until now.  

Midterm Proposal: The Influence of Climate Change on the Spread of Infectious Diseases

In the past few years, there has been increased advocation for climate change, as our time to reverse the impact of depleting the earth of its natural resources is becoming limited. Synonymously, there have been an influx of infectious diseases that have arisen in recent times, leading me to question if climate change has had influence on the spread of these infectious diseases.

Ox: Alternatives to Beef Production in order to Increase Sustainability

This week, Professor Vesna explained the Hox Zodiac project, describing how each animal from the Chinese calendar represents different foods and parts of the body. She described the basis of this being the Hox gene, which is shared by many organisms and is responsible for the body plan of each animal, no matter how different they may appear. Since I was born in 1997, I was born in the year of the Ox.

Psychology Behind Bread Making during a Crisis

After reading Haytham Nawar’s paper, “Collective Bread Diaries: Cultural Identities in an Artificial Intelligence Framework,” I was reminded of the symbolism of bread. Bread signifies prosperity, security, and life in both Egyptian culture and other parts of the world. In addition, the fact that humans were able to understand and develop the process of making bread, creating something from nothing, is an extraordinary feat of humanity.

Lecture 2: Thoughts and Notes

Accuracy in Testing for COVID-19

Since testing for COVID-19 is so high in demand with the growing pandemic, there has been a push to create tests that give results in shorter periods of time. Pharmaceutical companies and labs are fighting to create the most effective test with the quickest turnaround time. Abbott, for example, created a test that gives results in 5-15 minutes by detecting the RNA of the virus in a patient’s nasal swab.

Pollution Reduction and Vaccine Testing in Light of COVID-19

Since the initiation of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been reports of reduced air pollution in typically polluted areas due to the social distancing and shelter in place measures. Air pollution can be a potentially dangerous health environment for people, as studies have produced evidence that it contributes to early mortality. The reduction in pollution has potentially saved the lives of 4,000 children under age 5 and 73,000 adults over age 70 in China.

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