Quantum Uncertainty and Serendipity

I chose to visit the LA riverbed for this week's assignment. I enjoyed photographing the river from different angles and exploring the sharp edges of the river and the bridge running over it. I had a moment of serendipity when I was crouched by the water and noticed a small whirlpool made visible by little chunks of moss that were swirling around, caught in its current. I was confused at first about its origins - why wasn't this water flowing straight like the rest of the water? Then, I noticed a small blockage of moss and leaves just upstream of the whirlpool.

Week 1 - Graphite Structures

I decided to incorperate nature into this week's drawing with pencil. As mentioned in lecture, there are many instances of hexagons in nature, so I thought that I could incorperate the structure of graphite (technically there is only one layer in my drawing so it would be considered graphene) into a drawing of nature. The hexagons form the center of a sunflower, replacing the seeds. A bee also rests on the sunflower.


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