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Final Projects Review

Even though all of the ideas for the final essays are great and I can see them going far with them, I have to say that there are a couple that specifically stood out to me. One of the first proposals that really piqued my interest was that of Romina’s with the relation of Art and Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. I really like how she related cosmetic and plastic surgeons to artists and sculptors as that is an interesting perspective.

Genetically Modified What?

We all have heard of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) at one point or another in our life. Quite a lot of the world considers GMOs with a negative connotation and many more simply do not care or have a problem with them. But most of those people, regardless of their position, do not really quite understand what GMOs are and how or why specifically they are bad or harmless. In fact no one can pinpoint exactly why they are injurious to health, they are just avoided mostly for preventative purposes.

True Wake Up Call

I read the essay on “Bioparanoia and the Culture of Control”. This essay illustrates many important points that we can relate to in today’s world. First off, the essay goes into how fear is quite powerful. And I can agree that fear is much more powerful than anyone thinks it is as a persuasive tool. It’s success can be blatantly seen with politicians introducing fears of immigrants in today’s world, be it the US with electing Trump or Britain with Brexit or even in the French presidential election with the popularity of Marine Le Pen.

Virtual Reality: The Future

The past week’s lecture was very interesting. The midterm presentations brought up very interesting proposals and ideas that I had not even imagined. The presentation that intrigued me the most though was Anna’s virtual reality put to use in the realm of fitness. Anna’s ideas of how virtual reality can be used in fitness in various aspects including training and motivation is a really important point and aspect of the future. Further, I feel that the idea of having your trainer with you through virtual reality is ingenious.  


Brainstorming Project

This week’s class was very intriguing. We got to experience Professor Victoria’s Brainstorming project in collaboration with Dr. Cohen. What interested me the most in this project was how it based on science but how it was aesthetically appealing as well. I really like the touch of the octopus crown and how it changes color based on electric waves from the brain. Even though we got to sit with the crown and imitated the scenario, I still cannot imagine how it would feel to be in sync literally with someone else.

How do we view monkeys in our world? How should we view them?

As discussed in lecture and after reading the readings and viewing the video Ted Talk, I find the zodiac animals, specifically the monkey, to be very intriguing. The monkey is the ninth of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Even more interesting is that the monkey years are all multiples of 12. Thus those born in a year that is a multiple of 12 are designated as monkeys ("Year of the Monkey - Fortune, Career, Health, and Love Prospects in 2017" 2017). Famous monkeys include Leonardo da Vinci, Tom Hanks, and Will Smith.

Nature and Ecology have more to offer than one would think

I cannot say that ecology and nature has fascinated me, but I will say that I do not dislike them. I would say that my relationship with the two would be a little laid back. Growing up in a small town in Florida there has been plenty nature and wildlife and after this week’s activity with Linda Weintraub's exhibit Welcome to My Woods I realized that I have kind of taken it all for granted. What really stuck out to me in all of this was the deprivation that my other sense’s and body sustained. I really enjoyed the pinecone sorting activity while keeping the eyes closed.

How is Biotechnology really related to Art? Can it be?

Hello everyone, I hope everyone’s week has been great so far. Now moving on to the topic of the hour, biotechnology and its relation to art. Being a second year pre-med who is majoring in a science, you do not really get to explore outside your necessary course subjects and explore a lot of new fields. I can say though I have tried to break this tight course schedule by taking classes in both topics: Biotechnology & Society and Art and Architecture separately as GEs. Thus, biotechnology in relation to art does not really come to mind first as I think of these as separate.

What is this class? We shall find out....

Hello everyone, my name is Ratushtar Kapadia. When I first saw this class I did not really know what it would entail, partly I still am not completely sure what it will cover exactly, but that just adds to my excitement and suspense of taking this course. If I had to describe myself in a nutshell, it would be I am a second year Physiological Sciences major from a small town in Florida. I like to play sports, travel, and fly airplanes.

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