Week 3: The Wonders of Yeast and Bread Universally Shared Throughout Time

For Week 3, I investigated the wonders of yeast by baking my own bread in my kitchen. I used the YouTube recipe provided by this class.

At first, I was nervous because I had never made "raw" bread before. I had made banana bread before, but this was a completely different recipe. When I make banana bread, I don't knead the bread by hand (or at all) or use instant yeast. This was a completely new experience for me. Because I did not have measuring tools for the very specific measurements such as for the 1/4 tsp, I eyeballed the tiny measurements. 

In-Class Drawing Activity

File_001 (7).png

This past week, we have been focusing on the fascinating characteristics of yeast and fungi. 

I wanted to make a spore print if I found a mushroom on my walk, but because I did not, I replicated an image of what my spore print would have looked like if I had been able to find a mushroom.

Fungi Hunting

For this assignment, I was not sure where to go to find mushrooms, as I had never gone mushroom hunting before. I decided that going to a park with lots of trees would be a good place to potentially find fungi. Over the weekend, I visited Griffith Park on Crystal Springs Dr in LA. 


I went with a friend to help me because I was not too familiar on how to identify fungi in nature.

Harmony in Visual Design and Mental/Physical Healing


For this assignment, I closed my eyes and let my mouse land on a random location on Google Maps. I landed on a market in Sawtelle Blvd, an area I was familiar with. Because this last week I had been sick and unable to eat food, I decided to go out to buy tea at Volcano Tea House. I decided to draw the cup of tea that I received from the tea house because it was the most emotionally significant item that I encountered on my trip for reasons I will explain below.

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