Week 1: The Wonders of Graphite

In Week 1, Dr. Thomas gave us the gift of educating us about quantum physics and carbon/graphite. He assigned us to draw an object. Like most of my classmates, I drew a chair. I drew it while keeping my mind and body, the direction of my eyes, the angle, space around me, and space around the chair in mind. I had never used this new thought process to draw before. Even though it was just a chair, looking at my drawing, Dr.

Week 7: The Unexpected, Potentially Life-Saving Properties of Pig Organs and Chicken Embryonic Stem Cells

For Week 7, I decided to research the rooster (chicken) and pig because my mother’s Zodiac is a rooster, and my little brother’s Zodiac is a pig. According to the Hox Zodiac, roosters are known to be practical, resourceful, observant, analytical, straightforward, trusting, honest, perfectionists, neat and conservative. The vast majority of these qualities indeed apply to my mother. She is very much a perfectionist, neat, conservative and resourceful.

Week 3: The Wonders of Yeast and Bread Universally Shared Throughout Time

For Week 3, I investigated the wonders of yeast by baking my own bread in my kitchen. I used the YouTube recipe provided by this class.

At first, I was nervous because I had never made "raw" bread before. I had made banana bread before, but this was a completely different recipe. When I make banana bread, I don't knead the bread by hand (or at all) or use instant yeast. This was a completely new experience for me. Because I did not have measuring tools for the very specific measurements such as for the 1/4 tsp, I eyeballed the tiny measurements. 

In-Class Drawing Activity

File_001 (7).png

This past week, we have been focusing on the fascinating characteristics of yeast and fungi. 

I wanted to make a spore print if I found a mushroom on my walk, but because I did not, I replicated an image of what my spore print would have looked like if I had been able to find a mushroom.

Fungi Hunting

For this assignment, I was not sure where to go to find mushrooms, as I had never gone mushroom hunting before. I decided that going to a park with lots of trees would be a good place to potentially find fungi. Over the weekend, I visited Griffith Park on Crystal Springs Dr in LA. 


I went with a friend to help me because I was not too familiar on how to identify fungi in nature.

Harmony in Visual Design and Mental/Physical Healing


For this assignment, I closed my eyes and let my mouse land on a random location on Google Maps. I landed on a market in Sawtelle Blvd, an area I was familiar with. Because this last week I had been sick and unable to eat food, I decided to go out to buy tea at Volcano Tea House. I decided to draw the cup of tea that I received from the tea house because it was the most emotionally significant item that I encountered on my trip for reasons I will explain below.

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