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Reaction to Hammer Museum Artwork

A visit to the Hammer Museum was a great experience. I personally do not usually make trips to museums on a regular basis but I am very glad I did so this time. I was able to observe a lot of artwork by different people with different perspectives/views and that was very inspiring and interesting.

Response to proposed final essays

Looking at the proposed essays, I would like to start out my blog by mentioning how far I believe every individual in the class has came across taking their intellectual knowledge to another level in order to come up with advancements in the biotechnological world of today and the future. It is amazing how every individual has proposed unique ideas and I am very excited to see what the future has in store for us along these diverse trains of thought.

Traveling Brainwaves

The Octopus Brainstorming was an amazing project by Professor Victoria Vesna and Neuroscientist Mark Cohen that we as a class were able to take part in. I was very amazed by the structure of this project and my first impression in observing this piece was how thoughtful and fun the octopus crowns were designed. But other than the physical appearance of it, the science developed behind it was very fascinating.

Futuristic Sleeping

The midterm project that interested me the most was the Dream Machine project. Having the ability to be in control of your dreams, be able to determine where to go, what to do, and have lucid dreaming is very fascinating to me and I believe that this futuristic creation will definitely be a great benefit to people.

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