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Update on "Antibodies: The Means to the End"

I spent this week looking for more artists to feature in my chapter, as I really would like to highlight the creations of those who have worked to inform about and reduce stigma associated with vaccines. I want to, again, stress the importance and value of art in enacting change by sparking discussion in nearly every divisive topic, as I feel it is sometimes overlooked.

(Updated!) Outline

I spent this weekend fleshing out my prior outline to have a clearer picture of how I will proceed with writing my final chapter. Because I am covering vaccines in the (Mis)Information group, I will place a heavy emphasis on the artists that are involved with spreading information about vaccines/antibodies, leaving the science-heavy details for just my background/introduction for context.

Social Causes in the Age of COVID-19 + Final Outline

I was very excited to have our guest lecturer, Dr. Siddarth Ramakrishnan, speak to us this past week as I’m majoring in neuroscience, so the neural networks underlying how we perceive are of great interest to me. I have always been fascinated with how we, as individuals, perceive ourselves versus how we perceive others, which has had a large influence in the route I have taken in my education by adding a society and genetics minor.

What Biosphere 2 Can Teach Us about Biosphere 1

Spaceship Earth details the unbelievable events leading up to, during, and after the Biosphere 2 sustainability project. Amazingly, though the experiment transpired nearly 30 years ago, there are lessons to be learned from the events surrounding the creation, management, and actual outcomes of the experiment of Biosphere 2 that uniquely parallel the times in which we are living in Biosphere 2 (our planet Earth).

Week 5 Notes

I’ve been reading up on Monsanto recently out of interest and have come across some links that would be helpful for anyone interested in reading a bit more about them.

Antibodies: From Vaccines to Museums

With each week, I have been exposed to a variety of different perspectives relating to the outbreak at hand via the Honors 177 blog posts, a welcomed break from the constant stream of COVID-19 updates. It is for this reason that I would like to turn my attention to the solution, in other words, what will be involved in ending the outbreak: antibodies.

Notes for April 8

This link shows an interesting view of the timeline of the COVID-19 situation once it first was reported in the U.S. (01/22/2019 for first case). It is worth noting that the first individual was likely infected and asymptomatic prior to the report, so it may be possible transmission could have begun in the U.S. before that date.

How Culture Can Combat the Stigma Surrounding COVID-19

The rapid spread of COVID-19 across the globe has created a situation unlike anything many of us have ever experienced. Unfortunately, as seen with past outbreaks, xenophobia tends to surface along with the spread of disease. The emergence of COVID-19 has been no exception. With its origin being traced back to Wuhan, China, some have taken to labeling COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus” (Gstalter).

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