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Updated Topics for Final

      My project thus far has focused on aspects of art therapy. In order to narrow it down, I have decided to focus solely on visual arts. I have added an additional component to my proposal which will focus on how mental health has been affected during this time and how art therapy can help it.

Optimist or Pessimist

Hi everyone! This is my line drawing.

The line going from the bottom left to the top right is the optimist or "hopeful" line. I included color and thickness to show that I relate more to this line. It is also longer because I see optimism impacting us more in a positive direction compared to being hopeless. The pessimist line is skinnier and shaded red because it depicts anger and outrage.

Spaceship Earth: Mixed Messages

“Spaceship Earth” definitely presented interesting topics that relate to what we are currently living with at the moment. Something I thought was well connected to our current situation is Dr. Roy Walford’s (one of UCLA’s own faculty members) belief that a low calorie diet is the secret to longevity. Dr. Walford came to this conclusion by understanding mouse models. Restricting caloric intake by 50% in mice almost doubles their lifespan.

Midterm Proposal: Role of Art & Music Therapy for Alzheimer's Patients During COVID-19

There are many different types of therapies including visual art, music and dance therapy have been used to stimulate the minds of individuals who are in the early stages of dementia. Participating in art therapy motivates patients to interact through nonverbal means of communication.

Week 3: Rabbits, High Cholesterol & COVID-19

        Laboratory rabbit models play a significant role in researching high cholesterol. Cholesterol-fed rabbits have been used to study human cardiovascular disease for over three decades. It has been found that rabbits develop hypercholesterolaemia within just a few days of a high cholesterol diet resulting in an accumulation of red blood cells. Rabbits have a great variety in the food that they consume.

Week 2: Armenian Bread & Traditions

       My Armenian parents frequently tell me about the lifestyle of families in small villages throughout Armenia. They emphasize the importance of baking lavash, a soft and thin flatbread, in these villages. Made with flour, water, and salt, lavash can come in different forms of thickness depending on how it is rolled. Although it is a form of income for many families, lavash also has a deeper meaning beyond financial gain.

Impacts of Human Overpopulation & COVID-19

      The connection between COVID-19 and different artistic forms of bioart was something I did not expect before listening to Wednesday's lecture and reading the Honors book. I slowly realized the connections that this virus has with different innovative methods of understanding and surviving a pandemic. I was very impressed to learn that different original artistic forms can be utilized to improve human health.

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