Final Proposal - Neuroaesthetics

From the past several weeks, one of the main messages I have taken from this course was how much the world around us is interconnected to us and influences us in more ways than we may be conscious of. I decided to look into ways art or beauty around us is connected to psychology or neuroscience. Since psychology/neuroscience is quite similar to my major, cognitive science, and it is already something I am interested in, I wanted to head in that direction in terms of connecting art to biotechnology. 

Week 5 Reflection


This week as we have now reached the midpoint of the quarter I wanted to create a diagram that could recap the last four weeks with connections that I have made. I decided to draw out four sections for each of the week's main topics and began thinking of things that stood out to me most from each of the weeks. What were the main takeaways that I had been most impacted by?

Invisible Networks in Fungi

This past week's lecture gave me a lot to consider about fungi, mushrooms, and their connections which I had previously never really considered. For a while when I was a kid growing up, I never liked mushrooms because they were never too particularly tasty, but as my pickiness with food subsided and I began to appreciate more flavors, I opened up. Mushrooms are one of the first kinds of foods that I actually opened up to as they are one of the less aggressive tastes. Later, that would lead me to appreciate the taste of coffee and a few other kinds of vegetables.

Bread Day

This weekend, I set out to bake my bread. I had only baked bread once before and that was during the beginning of quarantine when bread baking suddenly became a super popular hobby with all the extra time at home. However, since last year, I have not made any more attempts even though my bread turned out really well last time. 


Recently, I visited UCLA's campus and captured a few photos of the scenery around. The part of these landscapes that drew my attention was the way the light would reflect off the trees and the side of the building. To me, it was just the right amount; the day was warm and the sky was bright but the amount of light wasn't too harsh, causing a lot of shadow and heat. The warmth allowed for me to relax on the grass underneath the trees and take in the details of the nature and architecture around me.

From Trees to Pencils

While drawing I was able to reflect on how we are able to take a basic component of the earth and transform it into something so useful. These days, I no longer use traditional wood pencils, only pens or my Apple pencil; it was interesting to go back and think about how trees, an organism that supports life, can be repurposed for a completely different function. In addition, how the idea of a basic wood pencil, directly derived from trees, can be expanded upon to create "better" versions, like mechanical pencils and Apple pencils.

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