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Final Draft Update

Here is my updated outline, with more links and discussion points. I will also be adding royalty free images and editing my points into a draft format during the course of this week. As I get a better idea of what the finished product will look like, I will communicate with my group so that we can have a presentation on Wednesday showcasing our cohesive chapter.

COVID-19 and the Sun Vitamin

Today our world is controlled by the COVID-19 pandemic, and we seem unable to defend ourselves against the attack of the virus. However, as is the case with all viruses, general immunity proves to be a great asset in prevention of infection and dealing with its onset. According to Dr. Gombart, acute respiratory tract infections were responsible for the deaths of 2.5 million worldwide annually, even before this pandemic. A great deal of research indicates that many of these cases could have been mitigated with improved immune function as a result of proper nutrition. Dr.

Rabbits and COVID-19: What's the Impact?

I recently learned that my Zodiac animal is the Rabbit, meant to house the personality traits of kindness, sweetness, and popularity. It was interesting to learn about the interesting astrological, mythological, and cultural significance of the rabbit from browsing the Hox Zodiac website, but it got me thinking—how are rabbits faring in our current situation? The COVID-19 outbreak is a time of great uncertainty, and recently animals have not been excepted from the pandemic as a source of concern.

Coping with COVID-19: Why Are We Baking Bread?

The current situation is a tough one, and one that produces new difficulties daily for individuals and families across the world. A reality for many of us every day as we remain barricaded indoors is a barrage of news articles detailing disheartening and often downright frightening developments, and to which it feels like none of us can have any impact. Following suit are data on various trends, including increasing unemployment, numbers of infected and dying individuals, and shortage of essential supplies.

Death and COVID:19 – The overlooked consequences

As Amy Phan mentions in her chapter in the Honors Book, “A Conversation with Death // on expiring sustainability”, death is a vaguely understood and touchy topic in the modern day. It’s something that many of us tiptoe around in our day to day conversation, and yet is a biological process that can greatly impact the environment around us. Though we do understand the physiological changes that occur in the decomposition of a body, we hesitate to address these factors in discussions of body disposal.

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