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Response to GMO topic

To be honest, GMOs foods help human to stay away from starving, but the advantages and disadvantages are still controversial topics from the origin till now. Therefore, I want to response the topic about GMOs.

Ideas for Final Project

To do a simple calculation for hours we spend on sleep. Given that we sleep 7 hours daily on average, which means if the average life expectancy is 75 years, we will sleep 191,625 hours or one-third of our lifetime. In our daily life, people always work and study with insufficient sleep under the high pressure and high intensity. Due to the coming stresses from life or study, most people also choose to sacrifice sleep in order to have more time to get work done, to maintain high GPAs, to relax by watching TV until midnight. Poor sleep health is a common problem with 25 percent of U.S.

Learned from SARS

This week I chose to read Chinese Chickens, Ducks, Pigs, and Humans, and the Technoscientific Discourses of Global U.S. Empire” by Gwen D’Arcangelis. At the very beginning, I thought this essay was talked about the problems of Chinese feeding pattern and living style caused the SARS outbreak in 2003. As I engaged into reading this article, the author addressed the problem of racialization and Othering of Chinese population throughout the US history and also promoted by the U.S.

Economics of Art not Money of Art

This week, with my great pleasure, I saw many bold, crazy and creative thoughts. I was so impressed by all the excellent presentations and found my shortcomings in my capabilities in speech. Except for the language barriers, despite how well I prepared, I still always lost some ideas or points when I presented. Nevertheless, this is a wonderful experience to broaden my horizons and make me feel the attraction of biotech and art.

Brainstorm after the Octopus Brainstorm project

This week I had a chance to see and experience the Octopus Brain Storming project. This project is a series of collaborative works between our professor Victoria Vesna and a Neuroscientist Mark Cohen, and this project is talking about the brain to brain communication. The idea is to see the brainwave from the brain to brain communication, the volunteers are stimulated by sounds, images or videos. Participants wear octopus crown, receive wireless signals from the EEG computer, and the color of LEDS have measured the similarity between the participants.

Are you a Monkey?

The most well-known idea about the origin of man is human beings and monkeys descended from a common ancestor that existed about thirty million years ago. Since we distinguish the human and animals by using the tools and complex behaviors, monkeys or apes are very clever, they not only can use tools but some daily actions are similar to human beings. Therefore, one of the evolutionary theories is about human beings descended from monkeys. 

Ecosystem and Human

After this week, we had some experiences to touch, smell, stand and feel the productions of nature, people who live in the city with scattered green fragments between the high building or in the front of your yard are not enough to get sufficient pleasure from nature. Or we cannot say that those green fragments are parts of nature, we called a garden, a park or a green eco-shelter. Comparing with nature, human respects nature but expect its giving since too little was known about complex natural systems.

The Connection between Biotechnology Art and Life

Before taking this class, I might know biotechnology enrich our life. For example, I know that by using biotechnology to heal the destroy skin, called artificial skin.  A little bit closer to life, I know that milk with lactose-free injects the biotechnology process.  However, never thought there is a magic relationship between biotechnology and art. After watching this week online materials, I open a new door of knowledge in a different direction.  When I saw the third hand picture, the biotechnology, chip technology, and Nanogenerators are poised to change lives.

Introduction and BiotechArt

Hi everyone, my name is Shuang (Claire) Deng. This is my last quarter in UCLA. I major in Business Economics and minor in Statistic. My friends around me always ask me why you choose this course which is not related to your major or minor. My answer is why I cannot. To be honest, I had taken the biology, technology, and art classes during my high school as my interest classes. Biotech and Art looks like a combo for these classes, the title of the class raised my interest.

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