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Week 9 Blog: Update on Final Paper

Group update: we will divide the topics into two groups, one that focuses on how humans depend on the environment and the second group will focus on how the environment depends on humans.I am part of the climate change group because my project discusses how climate change has affected coral degeneration and how we can use sustainable architecture to reduce industrial contribution to climate change. We will also incorporate topics that embrace themes of small and large actions that affect our environment.

Week 8: Line Self-Portrait

I really enjoyed Linda's exercise because it allowed me to reflect on things I don't normally think about. I realized I am both optimistic and skeptical. My two lines intersect several times, which symbolizes the delicate balance between both ideologies. The first line is a curvy, organic, colorful line, which represents my hope that we will be able to find a vaccine to combat the pandemic.

Blog Reflections- The Power of the Subconscious Mind

My first post was about Art, Technology and Surveillance During COVID-19. In this blog I explored the dangers of allowing governments to track individuals for the purpose of monitoring the spread of a disease. I was influenced to write this blog after reading James Orwell's novel "Nineteen Eighty-Four" and Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood.

Science Fiction without the Fiction: Metabolism in the Capsule of Life

I had a great time watching SPACESHIP EARTH. It was truly fascinating to learn about this dynamic intersection between ecology, psychology, nutrition, art, expedition and business. I loved learning about the idea of being connected to the process of growing food, not just consuming it. It was very inspiring that some of the people involved had limited scientific knowledge, yet they still managed to learn so much because they learned by doing and they pushed their limit of skills to make a project happen.

The Dynamic Relationship Between Pigs and Humans

Wild porcine animals roamed forests and swamps in Europe and Asia approximately 40 million years ago. Pigs have made significant contributions to the economy, human health, religion, primordial survival and modern culture. In the Spanish medieval village of La Alberca, there is a tradition that involves an officially-blessed pig living on the streets for six months. This tradition was created to celebrate Saint Anthony of Egypt and it is believed that feeding the pig or even rubbing its belly will bring good fortune. The celebration of St.

Eco materials to Prevent Pathogenic Water Contamination

COVID-19 has affected many important aspects of our lives including public health, the economy and the environment. The virus has created chaos and suffering, but it has also resulted in environmental benefits such as reduction of air pollution and protection of endangered species. Although it's good to rejoice in the positive aspects of the outbreak, it is important to remain critical about potential problems that may arise from the virus. Few people have addressed how this pandemic has negatively affected our environment.

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