Breaking my silence :)

Something that deeply resonated with me from lectures was the concept of noise bleaching in our oceans. I’ve always imagined these large bodies of water to be an ecosystem thriving in silence. When I jump into a pool, I am instantly muffled from the bustling that occurs above water level. I derived great joy from the brief escapism, so for as long as I could long my breath, I would swim along the pool floor.


Summary: Pausing to Reflect


It was refreshing to take a pause in the middle of the quarter to reflect upon the topics we had discussed in class. Although the topics (pencil, serendipity, bread, and fungi) seem entirely distinct, taking the time to draw out the facets of each of these concepts made me realize how interwoven they are. 

pass the bread please

Over quarantine, I picked up bread-baking as a hobby. My favorite bread to bake was a kneadless foccacia (recipe linked below), because it was incredibly easy and also served as a convenient blank canvas. To add extra flavor and because I enjoy playing with my food, I used herbs and sliced vegetables to lay out an edible mural on my foccacia dough. The key to preventing the herbs and vegetables from burning in the oven was to drizzle olive oil on top. I have included below a photograph of one of my favorite foccacia designs.

use a #2 pencil


I have always bubbled in my exam answers thoroughly, layering sheets of graphene with my #2 pencil to ensure my exam would not be marked as incomplete. In an unexpected parallel, I now layer a sense of guilt as the cherry-on-top to my test-taking experience; the materials and processes required to produce the #2 pencil accelerate our climate crisis.

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