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Midterm Proposal: Simulations, Models, and Other Representations of the Epidemiology, Infection Dynamics, and Molecular Mechanisms of COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, the dissemination of public knowledge regarding all aspects of the pandemic became essential. Luckily, in the age of technological innovation, facts about the virus are being released everyday. Artistic simulations, models, and other media allow audiences to experience and visualize features of the virus, and thus understand it on a more fundamental level.

Phylogenetic Analysis of the Chinese Zodiac and Avoiding Future Inter-Species Pandemics

Growing up as multiracial, and having family members from diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds, allowed me to experience a number of varied and culturally significant holidays throughout my childhood–Chinese New Year being one of them. Each year, my brother and I would wait in anticipation for the red envelopes, or Hongboa.

Chester Cheetah, Momentary Savior & Menace During COVID-19: the art of comfort food packaging and its societal implications

An article published in the New York Times by Julie Creswell discusses the role foods like Chef Boyardee and Campbell’s soup are playing in helping consumers regain a sense of nostalgia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Gracing the front of the article is an image of a woman scarfing down bright, red flamin’ hot Cheetos.

Week 1 COVID-19 Art: Black-and-White Photography, Medical TikToks, and 3-Dimensional Simulations

With each passing day, it becomes more apparent that COVID-19 is going to drastically change many facets of the previous world. These changes often manifest in various art forms–music, photography, fashion, social media, virtual simulations, and much more. For example, one popular meme circulating the Internet right now pokes fun at the notion of the infamous Black Plague outfits making their return in modernity (Schneider 2012, Facebook).

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