Week 1: Art and Nature Collide

Wenda Gu's workshop really stood out to me because he uses natural mediums to create his work. Not only does he create beautiful pieces of art but he also makes intelligent statements about life. He has created art using human hair, menstrual blood, tea leaves, algae paint and more. It was fascinating to hear him speak about his work and how it has been the subject of controversy many times. I found it particularly interesting to hear him describe how his art fades and is temporary because the materials he works with eventually succumb to degradation as part of the natural life cycle.

Week 1: Work Out/ Tune-Up/ Turn On Workshops

Last week, the class and I participated in a series of workshops that were centered around the book What's Next? Eco-materialism and Contemporary Art by Linda Weintraub. Each workshop was based on a chapter from Linda Weintraub's book. Here, I will go over each workshop and the different type of activities we did.

Workshop 1: Secretions


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