Introduction and BiotechArt

Hi everyone, my name is Shuang (Claire) Deng. This is my last quarter in UCLA. I major in Business Economics and minor in Statistic. My friends around me always ask me why you choose this course which is not related to your major or minor. My answer is why I cannot. To be honest, I had taken the biology, technology, and art classes during my high school as my interest classes. Biotech and Art looks like a combo for these classes, the title of the class raised my interest. Before I choose to enroll this class, I still hesitated since I not major in biology or related area, luckily, I met a good counselor, she said did not leave regret in UCLA. All classes I took in UCLA were prepared for major or major classes, it sounds like so boring and dry. I hope that I can enjoy this course and last hour in UCLA, also, explore and understand the true meaning of biotech and art. 

I learned some knowledge about genetics in my high school and surprised by the magic of nature. In addition, I attended a debate contest in my college, the topic of debate is about GMO food's pros and cons. I did plenty of research and I found biology with technology, which hard to say whether is good or not. To get the more self-improvement on my later path, I hope this course will open a new window for providing a different perspective to my current knowledge of the biotech and art.