Week 9: Short Response: Awareness of Lead Contamination

I was not able to participate in last week’s class, but from the blogs of peer students in this class I got to know that Maru talked about her project exhibited in the DMA Final Exhibition “An Unreal Unity”.

Luckily I have seen her project “Vacuoles” in the exhibition. The part which really caught my attention was the poem Pb (put it back) and her blood lead level report exhibited on the wall. Her project brings people’s attention to the issues of lead contamination. “This shouldn’t be here, This shouldn't be out, This shouldn’t be in my blood, This shouldn’t be in your body.” The last several sentences of the poem express Maru’s concern about this problem and also got me to start thinking about the reality that people are living their daily lives in the contamination and whether there is a good way to change this situation.

As far as I am concerned, lead can get into drinking water from the sewage discharge from factories if they do not clean the water properly before they set it free into the streams and lakes. Besides, some plumbing materials contain lead, so lead corrode might fall off into the drinking water and get consumed by people. The high concentration of lead in the human body can lead to lead poisoning, which can lead to coma, convulsions and even death.

Organizations like WHO are working on reducing lead contact in human daily life. This process includes educating people about the harm lead can cause, developing guidelines for policymakers to reduce lead usage and discharge, as well as identifying products with potential harm from lead with a range from 1 to 10, etc. Hopefully, people can all raise awareness of lead contamination and lead poisoning and come up with ways to change the current situation.





The images of Maru’s project were taken in the DMA Final Exhibition “An Unreal Unity”