Finalized Abstract, More Art, and George Floyd


Fig. 1. Black and White Avatar Portrait from queer LatinX, Los Angeles and San Deigo-based, artist Dahlia Salazar. Proceeds went to support George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter Movement. The work is an artistic symbol of how various communities have banded together to defend, not just the death of George Floyd, but a long history of injustice by law enforcement against the black community. 


Fig. 2. Image of me and my peers peacefully protesting in downtown San Diego on May 30, 2020 for #Georgefloyd



In April 2020, Congress drafted the second coronavirus relief bill, which included one of the largest pieces of marijuana reform legislation to date. Furthermore, cannabis was deemed an essential business, has been shown to decrease viral protein count, and has been the subject of artwork as it pertains to social injustice - illustrating this plant’s connection to politics, science, art, and institutional/culturally embedded racism. This section begins with recent findings which suggests cannabis’ protective qualities in order to decrease COVID-19 viral protein count, potential inventions and how we can select specific combinations of CBD and THC molecules in accordance with a persons genome - the mission of precision medicine and pharmacogenomic study. This will be supplemented by a discussion of the broader issues surround the war on drugs, stigmatization of weed, the imprisonments of black and brown people for this substance, and the breadth of music and art to emerge from this history. The final art piece I will be discussing is from an SD queer LatinX artist who is creating black and white avatar portraits in order to raise awareness for #georgefloyd during COVID-19.