The Pencil: a Powerful Tool Linking Us Together

I was immediately drawn to this lecture because of my preference to use traditional wooden pencils in my day-to-day life compared to the more mainstream ways of writing such as ballpoint pens and mechanical pencils. I find they are so efficient and agile, and have their own sort of quirky elegance that is absent in their plastic-encased modern counterparts. However, today's lecture really made me consider avenues beyond what I could hold and see normally as I had done for so long. Instead of a simple writing utensil, the pencil became an interdisciplinary object that linked society, art, and science together as one.

For my reflective drawing I chose to focus on the pencil's relationship with carbon rings while keeping in mind how it serves as the point of unity of many different areas in life. As such, I drew a pencil with carbon structures materializing from its tip mimicking the structure of tree roots to serve as a metaphor for the underlying implications that formed each and every pencil.