From Graphene to Pencils

My drawing was inspired by the story of graphene discovery. Graphene, composing of only a thin sheet of pure carbon, is the strongest substance known to science. Yet powerful, the discovery of this superlative material came from a playful experiment with Scotch tape. While investigating the electrical properties of carbon graphite, two Russian scientists were competing with each other to make the thinnest flake of carbon graphite with the help of sticky Scotch tape. This thin layer is later known as graphene. 

In our daily life, we might have produced this Nobel-prize winning compound unknowingly. Within each light trace made by the pencil, whether it is for a final art project of portrait sketching, or putting down names to queue in at a local restaurant, a small fraction of graphene is produced. This world's thinnest material is set to revolutionize almost every part of everyday life. Learning about graphene and pencils, I am surprised by how science and art can be so well-blended.