A Pencil's Intricacy

As embarrassing as it may sound, it took almost half an hour for me to actively locate a pencil within my household. It's been years since I've last incorporated a pencil in my toolbox, but it was interesting to reinvigorate a lost passion, being the art of drawing with something other than ink. Although my artistic prowess may lack, the pencil seemed easier to use, yet much more brittle than I remembered. After having actually utilized the utensil, it dawned on me how neglectful its process can be. This forgettable aspect of life carries with it the weight of something meaningful. 

 As taught in all science courses, carbon has been utilized as the universal building block for life. The various compositions it takes in its structure allows itself to conjure stable molecules. As a result, I primarily focused on the hexagonal lattice that's composed within a pencil, and how that framework interacts with paper. Alongside that, however, there consists of the manufacturing efforts of converting the deforestation of our trees to paper. The carbon-carbon interaction was most appealing, due to the structure it imposes, however. Depending on the environment, these interactions may create the most stable structure in the world, being the diamond. It's often overlooked how significant these processes become, and I believe it's important to reflect upon them from time to time.