Deforestation and Stationery

My intention for this drawing exercise was to be somewhat meta—I sketched my own hand gripping a drawing of a pencil, which was in turn used to sketch a carbon allotrope on a drawing of a paper, all on a real paper. I also depicted tree branches stemming from the pencil drawing, the body of which functioned as a tree trunk; the tree-pencil-contraption-drawing signified deforestation in order to satisfy the market for pencils. But I also took note of my surroundings and realized that ecological disruption due to human demand was occurring in the writing stationery all around me—my pencil, the paper I was drawing on, and the desk I was using were all comprised of trees. Even items made of materials that didn’t immediately derive from trees—such as my stapler, hole puncher, and water bottle—were not sustainable. This exercise can expand to apply to many tools around the house or apartment, as there are even more common household items that do not adhere to standards of sustainable practice…and this way of thinking only began from contemplating a simple pencil.


Pencil Drawing Hnrs 177.jpeg