Quantum Serendipity: Exploration

I was a little uncertain how to approach this assignment at first, wondering how I could somehow discover something so surprising and eye-catching without being intentional in any way whatsoever. This was made especially daunting as my family had been isolating for the majority of the pandemic, and thus I was limited to the reaches of my own backyard to uncover objects that I had supposedly not seen or experienced before. Thus began my exploration.


I started my journey in the form of big, unrefined swashes of color on a canvas by traveling down the side of my backyard I seldom visited. Immediately my eye was drawn to a few spring roses, poking their heads over the brick wall and seemingly reaching up to grasp the sky above them. In a world of green and gray, these two florets punctuated the color spectrum by providing illuminating blasts of beautiful pinks and reds.

But as I became more inspired and started looking around the place, I began noticing things that weren’t there before upon first glance. I began uncovering details in the most unexpected of places, such as the micro-communities thriving in the tiny petals and anthers of these milky white flowers. I discovered a collection of speckled beetles nestled sleepily in some intricately curved light lavender petals—can you spot them? Everything seemed so new, so fresh.



My journey ended with one final fragment of serendipity. From amidst a collection of dull purple-appearing succulents, delicate little flowers bloomed in the most unexpected of places, their bright colors a stark contrast against the plum-colored succulent leaves. 

As I walked around my backyard, I was introduced to a completely new world full of color and sights that could only be seen if I took the time to examine each and every nook and cranny. Aspects of my world that seemed commonplace and routine opened up, revealing their hidden details and intricacies. This to me was the true beauty of serendipitous discovery—full of accidental beauty, full of exploration.