The Old Wheelbarrow

It all began with following Prof. Thomas’s advice, opening the google map, and throwing a random pin. For a person considered by many to be a “happy-go-lucky” type of person, I rarely feel unease. However, immediately after the pin was dropped, I felt uneasiness and started to psych myself out, thinking all the what-if scenarios. This unrest went on for few days, almost resulting in me wanting to redo the “random” pin. It was then I started to think about social confidence and the potential scares of the pandemic. As a person who considers hard work and a never-quit attitude as my core personality, I recognized the challenge within myself.  I live near Boerne, Texas, and the random point was across the town.  So noticing my reservation, I decided to walk there and back, which will allow me to reflect on the sense of uneasiness. As I walked through the Hill Country hills, I noticed the beautiful nature that only a few weeks back was covered with a lovely white sheet, from the snowstorm. It seemed to me the creatures didn’t even remember the recent snowstorm. And I wondered how long would it take us to overcome the effects of this pandemic. Would few weeks be sufficient to take our society back to where it was?

As I approached this point I saw the following view, 

The old swing and wheelbarrow immediately captured my gaze, as I resonated with it.

Just like the wheelbarrow I felt forgotten, as the pandemic took so many relationships not just from me but from all of us. Now I felt like this old swing and wheelbarrow where they are alone and no longer used. 

As I was contemplating whether this rusty old wheelbarrow will ever be useful again or will it perish without anyone noticing its existence, I suddenly noticed a shy goat starring at me. As I kneeled to put her at ease she immediately ran towards me for some pets!

After few pets, she showed me her happiness by jumping around and playing with the old wheelbarrow. That's when I realized even a rusted old wheelbarrow in the middle of nowhere is useful to this goat and that as this pandemic comes to the end, even with all of the social scars, I will find my social self.