Birds and Dogs


For this week's blog, I tried to think about the sounds that surround me in my life that I typically don't pay much attention to and tune out. I had to try to take moments throughout my day and try to pay attention to all the background noise around and realized that I typically live in a quieter environment. Of course, I do get interruptions from my dog barking or my family members chatting, but these sounds are more sporadic and less constant. 
Waking up this morning, I realized one of the first sounds I always hear even through the afternoon are birds chirping in my backyard. I usually have a window cracked open in the room and because my house has a lot of trees, there are usually plenty of birds that have settled among the green. I decided to record these sounds of nature and in the background of the recording, you can also likely hear my sister walking around my backyard. While outside a plane had flown overhead and was quite noisy. As this was a rather rare thing to happen, I quickly recorded it in my voice member app on my phone. From time to time, I can spot planes flying above me but they are not usually that close to the ground and loud. Thinking back on it, it was a bit funny that something I would hear every day would be quickly contrasted with a sound I don't hear too often in a matter of seconds. Although, depending on where someone lives, these sounds may have an opposite relationship to them. If someone were to live in a more congested area, they may never hear the sounds of birds and may constantly hear planes and other forms of noise pollution throughout their day. 
After, I began to think about what else I could try recordings and was inspired to take some documentation of the many unique sounds my dogs make. My dogs tend to be quite playful with each other and competitive. I recorded a sound of them kind of bickering with each other. My german shepherd mix is usually much more high energy and often tries to play, while my other dog can get a bit annoyed. The second recording are more typical sounds I hear from them, sounds of them breathing and walking around. While recording, I didn't initially think too much because these are sounds I hear all the time; but, after playing them back I realized it isn't the most pleasant to listen to. Hearing the inside of someone's mouth can be quite unattractive when it's highlighted so much like that. Normally, these sounds are quite normalized to my hear but when listening back to it in a different context, I can't help but hear it in a completely different like. 
Overall, this blog has helped to reconsider some of the sounds I hear daily that I often take for granted. All of these natural sounds are really all unique in their own way and can provide a lot of insight into the environment, condition and time of the sound's origins.