Sound of Home

I didn’t realize how noisy my home environment was until I got to experience the silent study halls and libraries of UCLA. When the COVID-19 pandemic started and I moved back home, I was bombarded by different noises in my household. I don’t have my own room and all the desks are in a “study room” of the house, but it is also right next to the kitchen and the backyard where my mother would go back and forth from. The recording includes a snippet of what I hear everyday when I am doing school work. The first section of the sound is my little sister watching tiktoks in the background. Sometimes I would get distracted by this and open tiktok on my own phone to watch some videos as well. It is a very entertaining and addicting app and the sounds on this app have influenced what is popular on the radio even though it is not a good song and only  catchy within those thirty seconds on the app. The next sound is a sound of my younger brother bouncing a stress ball against the wall. My brother is always tapping and creating random and repetitive sounds in the room whether it be tapping his foot or pen or tossing a ball against the wall. He is also always playing computer games with his friends and is super loud when communicating with them for the game. No sound clip of this is provided due to privacy reasons, but I assure you it is very distracting. The next sound is the sound of typing. There is always the sound of typing in this room whether it be typing up a school assignment or someone playing computer games. Depending on the person, it can get very aggressive and sound quite loud. The last sound is the sound of my breathing. When no one is home it is so silent I am aware of how loud I breathe. I have an issue with my turbinates and they are always open, forcing me to breathe through my mouth. Usually no one notices, but when it is very quiet, my breathing is very prevalent. Soon I will get surgery to finally fix this problem that I have been living with for seventeen years and hopefully my breathing will quiet down.

Listening to a small snippet of my home environment makes me realize what kind of environment I was in during community college and still succeeded. This snippet doesn’t include many other sounds I hear at home like people talking on the phone, dishwashing in the kitchen, laughter, fights, and many other human noises. 

I think I have come a long way to readapt to this sort of environment since last spring. I am able to focus on my work regardless of the noises and if it gets too much, I just put on my headphones to block out some of the sounds. I am complaining about these sounds now, but one day when I am out on my own, I know I will miss the noise and sounds of my home and my family.