Keyboard Sounds

I recently purchased a keyboard and I wanted to try out some different sounds while playing the same line on my keyboard. The same device is capable of producing such a wide variety of vibrations, so I wanted to experiment with them and see how they resonated with me and my playing.

I started with traditional piano, playing the song as the composer originally intended. The arpeggios sounded natural and flowey. I've played it with this sound many times, and it felt comfortable to play.

Next, I turned to electric piano. It was a more rich sound, but some of the details of the song got lost to the richness of the tones. Certain notes couldn't be made out, and it sounded much more blurry. My execution was more haphazard, but the song still sounded with beauty because of the rich quality of the electric piano.

After that, I turned on the organ setting. This setting gave me a reminiscent feeling, like I was at a hockey game or a baseball game with an organ booming on some loud speakers, and it affected the way that I played the song. I played with less beauty and flow and more playfulness and energy. The sound of the keys was a determining factor in the way that I felt the song.

Next, I tried out the harpsichord feature. Traditionally used in baroque music, the harpsichord is very precise because of the initial impact of each note. I found that my fingers were drawn to play the arpeggios in a more mechanical style, strictly adhering to the beat, and not straying from the exact meter of the song.

The vibraphone setting was next, and I really enjoyed this sound quality. I found that it matched the quality of the song because its traditionally a percussion instrument, so each note sounded distinctly, yet did not blur into the sound of the next note. Because this song has so many passing notes, having a distinct sound that lingers but does not obscure the sound of the next note is the best way to experience the piece.

Lastly, I tried the voices setting. I found that this setting invoked a lot of beauty, almost making the song sound holy. The human voice is a beautiful instrument, usually heard holding long notes. Since this song has many short notes, the voices blended together and all of the notes could not be heard. However, it was still interesting to hear the song with this character.

Overall, I enjoyed experimenting with different sound settings. I thought that each setting brought out a different character in the song, and even affected the way that I played the song, though it was entirely on the same instrument and using the same pitches. The vibraphone setting brought out the original character of the song best, in my opinion, and I think that each song could be paired with a different sound setting to bring out its unique characteristics for the listener to enjoy.