The Beauty Around Us...

For the past weeks, it has been quite a journey, exploring various aspects of the world around us (and within us) in new dimensions that I have never seen or thought of before. Something so simple, like bread, or graphite, are ubiquitous and easily ignored, but with contemplation and reflection, have meanings that can extend beyond just a superficial glance. Exploring who we are as well, through the sounds and rhythms we found appealing to us, and our zodiac animals, helps us to understand ourselves in new dimensions as well. And we also explored the connections between all of these dimensions, which were all up to our personal interpretation. I’m always so fascinated by how insightful this class has been, and it has been a unique and enjoyable experience, doing things that I wouldn’t expect a typical class to do. Heck, I have extended my artistic boundaries because of experiences like making bread for the first time and making a song for the first time because of this class!

For our final, I want to explore the beauty of life and the universe, and relate it to all of the topics we have discussed, along with other aspects as well. I want to explore what makes the world around us beautiful, which is highly subjective and is open to personal interpretation. Why or how is something beautiful? Is beauty something physical? Is beauty only an experience felt by the person? Does it have to do with the connections with other things? Connecting this to our previous topics and biotechnology and art in general, I want to explore the science behind beautiful things, how science makes beautiful things, like carbon into complex beings, sounds into music, flour into bread, serendipity into happiness, and animals into humans (and vice versa). All together, I think this is just a way to extend the appreciation of the beauty of the things around us, which is just what this class has taught me to do.

This video gives an excellent explanation to why beauty makes us happy and its connection to nature: