Project preposal

 My final project: serendipity and the nuances that make life worth living. Biotechnology and Art go hand in hard.  Not only is art  the most clear and interpretable way to explain scientific concepts, art is also a scientific concept. As pencils use lead and singers use their voice. Art is based in science. We spend a lot of time drawing, discussing biotechnology, and exploring the world around us for this course but I want to focus on our lessons regarding serendipity. I want to talk about the science behind chance and choice and how our biological traits lead us to our experiences and tie that to the way that we relate to the world around us. I found the assignment to go on a walk to a random location fascinating and I want to expand on that assignment by letting chance make my decisions for one day. That assignment actually led me to buy a dye that I roll and allow to make some of my less important decisions. I let it decide if I will go out to dinner or go on a date or meet a new person. I believe in Karma and in chance and I want to explore some of the more logical science behind karma and serendipity. I think that a lot of people tend to believe that things that happen by choice happened by chance and I want to explore the reasoning behind those beliefs. For my project I am going to take one day where I let my dice make decisions for me about where I am going to go, what work I am going to do, what I will say to people and see what happens by the end of the day. After this I am going to write about how I felt and the biological and scientific studies and reasoning for the experience that I have. I found some articles in the American Psychological Association website that explore the scientific basis behind karma. I also found some scientific articles that discussed how we consider ourselves lucky and the impact those thoughts can have on our psyche and our world experience. I also want to explore more conventional forms of art as a part of this project so I am planning to draw or paint a piece of art that describes how I feel after a day of relying on luck and the world around me. This class has been focused on scale so as part of my final research paper I want to talk about the extent to which the forces of Karma and luck impact my daily life and how the biological science behind these events works not only on a small scale but how it can impact larger world issues. This class has undoubtedly expanded my view of art and prompted me to consider non-traditional art forms. I want to make my final project unconventional, interesting, artistic, but also closely tied to hard science and classic art. I want to look at how leaving things to chance impacts my outlook, my relationships, my diet, my general mood and my art. The idea for this project is also based on the most recent assignments about astrological signs as those are also a form of art and they are about the future. For my project I will be dice with me this Thursday everywhere I go and let them make decisions for me. I will ask them yes or no questions and roll. If the number is over 4-6 I will take that as a yes and if the number is 1-3 that will count as a no. I have used the dice before with my roommates. We will ask the dice a yes or no question and then pick a number if the dice lands on that number that means that the thing we wished for will happen. The dice were fairly accurate for a while and it made me wonder if we wanted the dice to be correct so badly that we did the things that the dice said we would do. This is what prompted me to look into chance and karma. I want to look into those psychological but also biological phenomena as I have no doubt that serotonin was released when the dice were right and connect this through an artistic diagram.