Final Assignment Proposal: Involvement of Art in Health

For the final project for this class, I plan on writing about the crossroads between art and medicine. So much of my life has revolved around learning some form of art. As a child, I grew up with a strong appreciation for music, a form of “sound art” as well as a penchant for building various gadgets and toys, which I consider a form of visual/3D art. Being in this class really inspired me to consider how these aspects of what I had experienced in my own life could impact the health of myself and others who also may have been exposed to these art forms. I will explore these themes more in depth in my final paper, and I intend to reveal some sort of interconnected theme between art and medicine.


I shall begin with a brief introduction on the various forms of art and some notable aspects of each in relation to art history and the many accomplishments artists all throughout history have created. I will tell a brief story about how art has evolved throughout the ages, but tie it back to how it relates to biotechnology and health.


I shall then begin the scientific analysis part of the paper. I intend to do extensive research about how art has been shown to provide medical and health benefits to people, and outline research studies as well as notable findings. I will split this section into two major parts, creative activity and sound art, as I believe these sections contrast each other the most.


The next section shall deal with applications of these studies in medical rehabilitation or care. There have been many examples of art used as a therapeutical device (for example: music therapy as well as rehabilitation for seniors with impaired memory and motion) and I wish to explore these applications in relation to the benefits they provide to patients. I will cite examples and descriptions of current art therapy programs and the benefits they bring. 


I am very excited to begin work on this final assignment, using all I have learned from this course thus far.